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Canvas Print and using GiClee Printing

Canvas prints have different levels of quality.  The highest quality of print is done with GiClee printing and using water based pigments. There are hundreds, if not thousands of canvas print shops that exist the market today. When you do your research for which company to choose, it is important to make sure you understand the types of printing.





What is GiClee printing?

giclee printing canvas


First, a little bit of history.  GiClee is a french noun that means spray of liquid.  When technology for printmaking was developed, the prints had to keep up with the quality of photographs and megapixels.  Images that have high resolution need the highest level of accuracy.  Giclee represents the rise in technology for printing and making sure every detail is displayed in your prints.







Why is GiClee printing better or the best?

Giclee printing allows for a long life of your print.  Don’t stop there!  Make sure your canvas prints are on cotton canvas, with the highest quality canvas material.  Museum’s use high quality canvas, at a 21M grade.  The higher quality grade of material, the longer life of your print.


Camera’s produce high resolution, high megapixel photos.  The only technology that exists today that can handle the large resolution photos, is Giclee printing.

Giclee printing is for longevity and the best color reproduction.


Don’t use solvent based print!

Don’t use canvas materials that are under 21M!


Canvas prints can be done with solvents or water based printing.  The type of printing used can determine the quality and image stability of the print.  Giclee represents superior printing quality that surpasses all of the others.

Using solvents for your printing, usually containing metals or silver, the prints might be more susceptible to the environment and reduce the life of the photo or print.

It is important to use archive water based pigments to keep the life longer and the quality of the color to be bright and vibrant.



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The quality of your canvas prints is based on the type of printing.

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