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Wrapped Canvas Options

For the clean streamlined gallery look, canvas wrap is the choice for you. We have this look avaliable in two depths.

Low-Profile Canvas Wrap

78" deep

Standard Canvas Wrap

138" deep

Floater Frame Options

Floater frames provide a high-quality wood frame to your gallery canvas, keeping the gallery look with a touch of modern.

Low-Profile Floater Frame

112" deep

Standard Floater Frame

214" deep

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We gave our friends a piece from Canvas Luv and they wept. They wrote us later and told us that this was a stunning print that they will happily showcase in their home.  

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At CanvasLuv, we have our canvas print prices listed clearly on our site and in more than one location, so that you can know the exact price the entire time.  There are no surprised or hidden ‘extras’ that we add into your canvas building process.   You can choose from two different canvas depth sizes, either low or deep.  The canvas depth difference is preference to the wall size, hanging length, and personal choice for your own photo.  Each depth option is equal in quality and remain the same in material, all with the same lifetime guarantee.  In addition, we offer floater frames in three different colors, white, black, and black-brown.    Each frame can be coordinated to the canvas depth of your choice, so there is no reason to wait.  Get started with your canvas print today.  Turn your photos to art in minutes!

What is also important to consider when ordering a custom canvas print, is how the print is made and the process completely to create your canvas art.  Remember, it is custom because it is your photo!  However, there are also options like color tones, adding text, and custom sizes that can make it an even more personalized photo canvas.   At CanvasLuv, we only use materials Made America, with the highest quality standards for the wood, canvas, and solution to print your photo to canvas.  We also only use museum grade 100% cotton canvas and 100% knot-free renewable wood.  What this means is, that your canvas print is made from the highest quality material before your photo is even printed onto the canvas.

Our printing process is just as important.  We use the GiClee Printing method.  This is one of the most sophisticated printing methods that exist in the market and it is well know for it’s attention to detail.  This process is able to pick every single pixel of color within your photo and transfer that to canvas.  That attention to detail is important because how it is printed to canvas matters even more.  Many companies today use solvent based solution to print the photo.  Solvent based lacks the ability to blend colors to accentuate the detail.  CanvasLuv uses water-based printing, or aqueous, which allows the color saturation to be the deepest, brightest, and crystal clear on the market.  We then coat your canvas print with a protective layer to keep it beautiful for at least 100 years.  That’s our Luv Guarantee.   How do we keep our costs low?  We do not outsource to other countries.  Everything is Made in America, right here in our factory.  We’ve worked hard to get these prices for you, so that keeping memories forever, doesn’t have to cost so much.  Enjoy your memories in a canvas print today.