Canvas Prints are the Perfect Holiday Gift

Canvas Print Christmas Gifts 2016


With the holiday season upon us, it is time to start buying the perfect present for a best friend, husband, wife, or other family member. There are so many gift choices available online these days that it is overwhelming!

With photography being such an important part of our life today, as technology allows us to take photos everywhere! Photos are a great way to record and share memories. There is always excitement when surprising family members with a portrait of my sisters, events, and special occasions captured in print. Some people even sneak around for weeks choosing outfits and scheduling and attending the sittings for the portraits.  Those pictures always have a special place in the house and in everyone’s heart.

Maybe you have historic family photographs sitting around in boxes or even have some old slides? Many of today’s multi-function printers have scanners good enough to render a quality digital image for reproduction into a larger print. If you don’t have a printer/scanner then there are other options. You can simply take a digital photo of the old print with a digital camera or a camera phone, and there are also many services or even local camera shops that can take your old photos and/or slides and turn them into digital images.

Canvas prints make a wonderful gift. Turn your new (or old) photos into beautiful gallery wrapped photos on canvas. They are personal, thoughtful, reasonably priced and easy to create!

Giving someone special a memory as a gift is truly a work of art!