Top 5 Questions before you buy a Canvas Print


Top 5 Things to Consider or Ask When You are Ordering a Canvas Print


Printing your photos on canvas and getting a personalized with your memories is exciting.   Making sure it is done RIGHT, by skilled workers using quality materials, the results can be dramatic!   Therefore, when selecting the right printer to produce your canvas prints, we’ve developed a series of questions for you to consider so you know you’re choosing the right company for the job. We hope you will choose us, but we also want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. We hope this advice helps you with your decision making.



  1. What Kind Of Canvas Do you Use for Your Canvas Prints?

You print needs to be in 100% Cotton Canvas. If the company cannot guarantee the use of the finest quality 100% Cotton canvas, then you’re probably dealing with a bargain-basement, second-rate producer of canvas prints. High quality 100% cotton canvas is an excellent print surface, and will last for years if properly cared for. Lower cost paper-based “canvas-like” materials tear easier than real 100% cotton canvas, do not have your print appear as crystal in clarity as you want your image, and render the paper-based canvas print useless. Make sure your canvas printer only uses the finest 100% Cotton Canvas for your canvas prints.   If you see prices that seem, too good to be true, they are likely not 100% Cotton Canvas.


  1. What Kind of Inks Do You Use On Your Canvas Prints?

Water Based Ink is the best! Choose only a canvas printer that uses an Ink that is guaranteed not to fade for a long period of time. The industry standard is GiClee Printing – these inks and processes are guaranteed not to fade for a minimum of 100 years. This makes any canvas print made using GiClee printing virtually guaranteed to look the same for your lifetime, and possibly beyond. When these inks are used on a sturdy 100% cotton canvas base, the resulting canvas print is breathtaking. If you are strongly considering a specific canvas print company to make your canvas prints, make sure that they either use Gilcee Water Based Inks, or guarantee against fading for a long period of time.


  1.         Finding Out Hidden Costs… Are There Any?

Be careful to ask about sneaky “upcharges” before placing your order for your canvas prints. Many canvas printers will advertise a ridiculously low base price, only to charge you extra for thicker stretcher bars, special protective coatings, special effects, or limited retouching. These prices add up, and soon you find that the low price that lured you in has now doubled.  These extras should be completely FREE, regardless of the size of your order!


  1. Is The Shipping Completely FREE With No Hidden Costs?

Some Canvas Print companies advertise free shipping, but you often find that there are extra charges tacked on if a condition isn’t met. Most common are a spending threshold, where shipping is only free if you order above a certain dollar value. Other companies may try to charge “packaging fees”, while still claiming that the postage is free. Every canvas print you order with regular (non-expedited) postage should be shipped for free, regardless of the number of canvas prints you buy. There should also be no charges for packaging materials or handling.


  1. Does The Canvas Print Provider Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Standing by the quality of ones work is the hallmark of a reputable canvas print producer. Guarantees of various levels are usually offered, but you should only do business with a company that offers an unconditional 100% Money-back satisfaction guarantee. Make sure you have this guarantee before ordering your canvas prints.