How to Decorate your Locker!

It is back to school time! The best time of the year, for school supplies, a change in the weather, and the start of new friends and fun!


We thought we would help you take your locker space and make it unique to you.   Make sure that anything you do to your locker, is within the schools policy. You can probably check with your counselor or one of the school administrator’s. They probably tell you before you start school as well, so it might be in the paperwork you receive with a complete list!

It probably wouldn’t hurt to give it a quick wipe down, make sure there is no left overs from last year. It’s better to start from a clean slate.

Next, choose a color or color palette. Too many colors can make a neat locker look messy, so choose the top 2-3 colors that blend well and stick with those! Choosing your favorite color, or range of related colors, will show off your personality and your sense of style.


Now, let’s start the decorating!



Organizing is the key to start off right! You should do this before you start adding the mementoes or cute stuff.  You can organize with shelves, magnetic penholders, magnetic clips and more. After you add shelves, your accessories, girls don’t forget a mirror…, then you can add your personal elements that make it even more special to you.

A divided magnetic container is perfect as storage and décor. Look for colors that match your color palette to you can even paint it to match your locker’s color scheme and add stickers, decals, ribbons, etc. You’ll have a handy place to stash your keys, calculator, pens, and other small things that tend to ‘stray’ as well as a start on decorating your locker.


Mount a push light in your locker so you can find your items fast.

Print small canvas prints to hang command hooks. You can fill your lock with memories and organization items.

A magnetic whiteboard or calendar inside the door is a great place to keep track of important dates, like footballs, test dates, or the next holiday!

Add an inspirational quote or two that is printed on a craft paper.



  1. Hoodie! – In case it gets cold. (psst, the command hooks can hold it too.)
  2. Water and snacks – Trail mix and a bottle of water, keep you going. Maybe a little piece of candy will help.
  3. Deodorant – A must…no explanation needed.
  4. Hair clips, ties, or headbands – We all understand this one.






Locker Wallpaper is a thing.  Try it!   There are tons of colors and choices.  You can even make your own with craft paper.

Locker Carpet is fun! Adds the color and the inspiration to your space.

Door Accessories help with organization. We have touched on this a little, but you have to find what works for you and go with it!

One last tip, keep a plastic bag in your locker for trash. You can fill it up and throw it out at the end of every week. Here are some cute ideas to help you further.














Remember canvas prints add your photos to your locker and they won’t get torn or ripped. It’s a our only plug.  🙂